Thursday, August 17, 2017

William Sargent Inventor of the Colortran Mini-Crab and Our new Email Address!

I love this picture of William Sargent, inventor of the Mini-Crab Dolly, seated left and his partner Robert Kelljan on the right. Notice the director's chairs...SAR...KEL. This is simply the first three letters of their last names, but each mini-crab manufactured would be tagged 'Designed by SARKEL'.
Yes, this is William Sargent sitting high atop his design. This particular ad was published in an issue of American Cinematographer. Technically speaking, I love the lighting technique that was used in this composition, accentuating the hydraulic pedestal supporting the camera operator. In this case, the inventor. This design was way ahead of it's time for a doorway crab dolly. A testament to William Sargent's genius design!

PLEASE NOTE...our email address has changed! Our NEW email address is now:

Adam and I apologize if you have tried to reach us! We had to change internet providers and no longer have the centurylink account. If you have a mini-crab and a story to tell...please email it to us at our new address.

Thank you, Greg and Adam Zaryk

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