Friday, October 19, 2012

Mini-Crab #157 on location!

We're waiting to hear back from Kyle Jones who was involved with the following production shown here. What we do know for sure is that the Mini-Crab pictured in the following photos is #157, owned by my friend Steven Mahoney, from the Seattle area.

Kyle, who incidentally used #157 through Steven, recently took ownership of his own Mini-Crab #24. We'll find out the back-story to these pictures and what he has to say about his Mini-Crab.
We're looking at a very interesting track system with the Mini-Crab #157 riding on a 'sub-dolly' skateboard-wheeled system. It's good to see that modern camera technology such as the RED system nicely integrated with William Sargent's 50+ year old Mini-Crab design.
You may remember, #157 was once owned by twice-Academy Award winner and producer, David L. Wolper.
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