Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Sarkell welcomes Nicky Milo and Mini-Crab #114

Recently, we received the message below from Nicky Milo, a new member of our society. Nicky is pictured behind the camera in the above images. Welcome Nicky! The updated Sarkell Society list will be posted soon. If anyone can help Nicky in getting his Mini-Crab refurbished on the west-coast, that would be much appreciated! Nicky's email address is furnished below.

Hello SarKell Society!!

I am the proud owner of a Colortran dolly, serial number 114.  
(Nicky Milo, San Diego CA, SN: 114, nickmilo@gmail.com)

This dolly was my first major cinema equipment purchase, I bought it when I was 16 years old and was filming with my trusty DVX 100A.  

Flash forward 14 years later, I'm now a 30 year old filmmaker, and I still have this dolly and regularly use it alongside my RED Dragon, Steadicam, and Ronin.

I look forward to being apart of the Sarkell Society, thank you for maintaining and updating the site and adding all the resources-- every subsequent post brings me closer to 'Ole Boy, my dolly's nickname.

In addition to the registration, I was also hoping to further inquire upon the group's expertise with this dolly and was hoping you might know of a resource in the California (LA/OC/SD) area that may be able to service this amazing filmmaking accessory.  
In the above two images, I was doing a music video for a band that broke up mid-shoot! We had about a month of preproduction, and all the locations were locked and ready to go... this was the first day of filming, we also filmed the next day.  Took a couple days off to prepare for the next block of shooting, and that's when they broke up.
The guy pushing me was in the band, and I think you can make that he's not a dolly grip by trade, judging by the sandals! 

The dolly currently has a leak, and the boom hasn't been able move too much.

I have really been meaning to give it a fresh overhaul... any advice or references are greatly appreciated!!

Much Thanks!
Nicky Milo