Tuesday, March 15, 2011

SarKell 'working the crowd' in Los Angeles

Riding high-atop the Mini-Crab Prototype's hydraulic lift is none other than Robert Kelljan. Behind Mr. Kelljan is William Sargent the genius inventor of the Mini-Crab Dolly (partially obscured). Mr. Sargent was operating the lift-control from the dolly's seated position and gave his partner a lift!

Both men were demonstrating the attributes of using the self-contained CO2/hydraulic camera lift on the Mini-Crab Dolly. This early image was taken during the dolly's demonstration in front of a live audience at the SMPTE show in Los Angeles.

It's plain to see that the inventor and his partner had a lot of fun working together. It's also evident these guys were true professionals and knew how to work a crowd! Click on this image to enlarge..once it's enlarged, click again to super enlarge.