Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Randall Miller & Mini-Crab #139

Just received this message below from a soon-to-be-new member of our esteemed group. Welcome Randy! Looking forward to seeing some pics of your Mini-Crab!

Hi Greg, took delivery of my dolly yesterday. I'm really excited, it is in pretty good shape. 

It's missing the latch for the cover for the CO2 tank. I will start cleaning it later today. Lots of oil in the tank compartment, not sure where it came from. 

The prior owner was using compressed air. Planning on getting the five tanks filled with CO2 to make sure everything works. It is Mini-Crab #139 and I think it was originally owned by the GM photographic department, the cylinder cases have GM photographic stickers on them. 

If anyone knows of any parts let me know. I will send pictures soon!

Thanks, Randy