Wednesday, September 13, 2017

For Sale - Jib for the Mini-Crab

We have the perfect accessory for your Mini-Crab! It's the Camera Turret CT-300 Jib that's pictured above and throughout this blog. We used it extensively with Mini-Crab #157. It has the proper mounting adapter that would enable it to fit easily onto the Colortran Mini-Crab Dolly.

The CT-300 is made out of aircraft aluminum and still being made today.The Jib head automatically articulates with the vertical movement of the Jib.
This professional Jib package includes the following:

5' 3" center Jib Arm
3' extension Jib Arm
Monitor Bracket
Cables for standard Jib length,
Cables for extension Jib length
Counterweights bar
Tool kit
Adapter to mount Jib onto your Mini-Crab Dolly or use with a heavy-duty tripod.

Don't mistaken this professional Jib with the flimsy ones you see out there now. In fact, I inspected a cheaper quality Jib and I was shocked at the back-and-forth play it had while moving it up and down.

You can attach your fluid head as the one shown is not available.

This is the real thing. It's rated for 30 lbs. It was made to support heavier rigs.

If interested or for more info, e-mail me directly at: