Sunday, October 25, 2015

The Moviola Crab Dolly

Hitch and his crew using the Moviola at Universal Studios. No, the guy in the background isn't texting! I believe that's camera operator, Irving Rosenberg. The guy leaning in talking with Hitch, is Hitch's favorite cinematographer, Robert Burks. Click on any image to enlarge.
Moviola's dimensions are 34" x 64" which is considerably larger than the Mini-Crab. The Moviola weighs in at 530 lbs. It has a maximum reach of 60" and a minimum of 22". Sargent's Mini-Crab tips the scales at 293 lbs., and measures in at 26 3/4" x 39", with a maximum height of 56" and a minimum of 28".  In comparison, one of the best features of the Mini-Crab is that it can be completely transported by two people and in it's own carrying case!
Another shot of the Moviola on set laden down with a BNC and Mary Tyler Moore spinning the Worral Gear Head.