Thursday, February 2, 2012

Drew Kutlik of Magic Wave Productions and Mini-Crab #212

Introducing our newest member of the Sarkell Society, Drew Kutlik of Pleasanton, California. Here's his hand-built Colortran Mini-Crab #212 with some nice attachments. Drew's dolly set-up includes two seat assemblies, two sideboards, the front board, 3-CO2 bottles, column weights, remote lift-control from the pushers station, 2- 35mm head mounts, a leveling head, and a custom-built column riser. Drew also has the hard-to-find carrying case!

Drew is planning on restoring his eight-wheeled craft and this is #212's pre-restoration photo. Drew will become #14 of our esteemed group. More photos and 212's history will be forthcoming. Welcome Drew!