Wednesday, December 1, 2010

SarKell demonstrating the ColorTran Mini-Crab Dolly before a live audience

A very rare photo of team SarKell and the Mini-Crab Prototype. In these never before published photographs, the inventor of the ColorTran Mini-Crab Dolly, William Sargent (left) and his partner, Robert Kelljan (right) were demonstrating how easy it was to unpack and set-up the Mini-Crab Dolly. These were taken at the SMPTE show in Downtown Los Angeles in the early 1960's.
Now, with the hydraulic lift and camera in place, William Sargent is "pitching" the attributes of the Mini-Crab to a very attentive audience. Click on this image to enlarge. Once you've enlarged it, click it again to super enlarge!

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