Tuesday, July 21, 2015

For Sale! Camera Jib for the Colortran Mini-Crab

We have the perfect accessory for your Mini-Crab! It's the Camera Turret CT-300 Jib that's pictured above and throughout this blog. We used it extensively with Mini-Crab #157. It has the proper mounting adapter that would enable it to fit easily onto the Colortran Mini-Crab Dolly.

The CT-300 is made out of aircraft aluminum and still being made today.The Jib head automatically articulates with the vertical movement of the Jib.

For specs, go to: http://www.cameraturret.com/

This professional Jib package includes the following; 5' 3" center Jib Arm, 3' extension Jib Arm, Monitor Bracket, cables for standard Jib length, cables for extension Jib length, counterweights bar, a tool kit, the adapter to mount Jib onto your Mini-Crab Dolly or use with your own tripod.

If interested or for more info, e-mail me at:

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