Saturday, June 7, 2014

Mini-Crab Inventor Extraordinare...William Sargent's recent trip with a good friend

The inventor of the Colortran Mini-Crab Dolly and his good friend, Hal Hansen, took a motorcycle trip through the beautiful canyons in Utah. 

"We rode to Emigration Canyon then to East Canyon via the Mormon Historic Trail. The mountain peak to the northwest would be Lookout Peak.  Emigration Canyon slipped down the hill, and they joined Mountain Dell Canyon to Big Mountain monument. The road continues to East Canyon State Park and on to the rest of the world", mentioned Mr. Sargent.

This snapshot of William Sargent was taken by Hal during a stop. Both Mr. Sargent and Hal have been friends for some 20-years. Mr. Sargent calls Hal one of the finest sound engineers around!  There's a photo of both William Sargent and Hal on a post dating back to December 2, 2010. Check it out! Also be sure to click on this image to enlarge!

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  1. I was wondering if anyone has come up with a better owners manual.
    Does anyone know if the pressure of the hydraulics can be adjusted?
    Does any one have any good pictures of the accessories most importantly the low attachments?
    If anyone needs a connector for the hydraulic cylinder, I found a lot of nine, I would be happy to sell one to anyone who needs one. You need to have someone machine it a little. The that came with mine was all messed up, I found.a lot of nine on eBay. They came from Israel, they are stainless steel instead of aluminum.