Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Numbering of the ColorTran Mini-Crab Dolly

The manufacturer's tag on the back panel of our dolly. The SarKell designed ColorTran Mini-Crab Dollies were numbered from 1 to "possibly" 250. No one knows exactly the final build-to number, but it's been speculated to be around 250.

There's a total of three stampings on each Mini-Crab Dolly. The dolly's serial number is stamped twice...once on the manufacturers tag which is located on the rear panel of the dolly (top photo) then, the same number is stamped a second time on-top of the dolly's deck. This is at the base of where the steering control fastens into the dolly's internal steering mechanism (photo above). If you look closely, you'll see 157 stamped on the base. Click on any image to super enlarge.
The two images above are of the same stamping.

Now, there is a third stamping and it's an entirely different number than the dolly's serial number. This is the serial number of the hydraulic camera lift (in this case, #144) which can be found on the hydraulic lift just above where the lift meets the internal hydraulic connection.

The hydraulic lift number is not the same as the other two 'identical' numbers found on the dolly. Hope this sheds some light on the stampings you'll find on the Mini-Crab.

If you have a Mini-Crab and have not yet registered with us, please do so and e-mail the dolly's serial number and a photo to: gregoryz@centurylink.net

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