Friday, March 16, 2018

Mini-Crab for Sale in LA

For those that may be looking for a Colortran Mini-Crab can be found on LA Craigslist.

I emailed the contact to find out more about the dolly. He mentioned that the dolly will need to be restored. It appears that both the steering and crab features work, however, he doesn't know if the hydraulic pedestal works.

Also, there are no serial numbers present. Typically, there are three sets of serial numbers that are stamped on the mini-crab. The first one is the most obvious, on the Colortran/Sarkell manufacturers tag, which is located on the back of the dolly. The second stamp is on top of the deck near where the steering column fits into the steering mechanism and finally the third stamp is located below the deck, on the bottom of the cylinder cavity where the hydraulic pedestal fits into.

However, this dolly is missing the tag (the pop rivets are there, but no tag) and does not have either the stamp on the top or bottom.

It's possible this may be an early manufactured dolly. It may be a great dolly to restore!

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  1. I just wanted you to know that I purchased this dolly yesterday and will test the hydraulic system sometime in the coming weeks. It is a fine piece of equipment.